Over There

I really would have loved to see the 49ers play (and win) against the Broncos last Sunday. But No. The game was not played in this country for some reason.

Why aren’t the UK games being televised in the USA? They are OUR TEAMS, damn it! What does a bloody Englishman know, or care, about American football anyway? Did the NFL get a $%@!-load of money to do this, or some kind of huge perk?

Anyway, at least their Bye week happens after their big trip so they can decompress from it all. I spent hours reading the blogs & sports news about Troy Smith starting that game and I sure would have loved to see him in action. But No.

Next week we face the St. Louis (should be Cardinals) Rams on our own turf.  A Smith will be Quarterbacking. We just don’t know which one.



So... How do you feel about that?

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