Still hanging on…

Last week we got creamed by Seattle. Today we play in St. Louis. It is snowing there. Things look pretty bleak for the 49ers, and yet there is still a chance for a lead position in the NFC West. I am all ready to cheer them on – they are televising the game down here in Charger territory today, and I have my hot cocoa, and my “Huddler” blanket I got for Christmas  (thanks, Maggie!) ready to go.

Let’s get ‘er done, boys!!

Troy Smith will be starting QB.


2 thoughts on “Still hanging on…

  1. You’re welcome!!!! Oh ya, you are welcome for the “Huddler” as well! Haha
    It’s a good thing I found out about the game from you. I had invited the folks over for dinner and we don’t have a accessible TV for my Dad to watch the game!! I says, “Stay home until the game is over! and then come.”


    1. So, I know at least one person who enjoyed last Sunday’s game. Your Dad. (Other people in St. Louis too, but I don’t know them)


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