An Optimist or What? – That is the Question


And the answer is…  It depends.

How Do You Feel Today?A more accurate question to ask me is: “How are you feeling?”  I am a creature of ebbing and flowing emotional currents. Most of the time the current moseys along and I can tolerate whatever comes my way.

Occasionally, a tsunami will occur. There are warning signs that lead up to this phenomena, and if taken seriously, danger can be avoided.  I have discovered not many people pay attention to signs.  Probably the same folks that don’t read manuals, or assembly instructions. You know who you are.

When a tsunami hits, the optimist and those in close proximity, are swept far, far, away. What rises up from the angry sea is not an optimist OR a pessimist, but rather a Tasmanian Devil disguised as me. (No, not the one wearing lipstick, silly!)

If you have seen the cartoon then you have some idea of how I feel on one of those days. I don’t know what I look like as a Tasmanian Devil, but I have seen the look on other people’s faces when it happens. They seem very frightened.

So, when Bill Engvall says, “Heeeere’s Your Sign!”

Read it.


So... How do you feel about that?

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