I Can’t Say No

I am tempted by many, many things. Things as diverse as items for sale at a flea market. I won’t go into them now because I can say “no” to them without much difficulty.

Popcorn, however, is a different matter.

PopcornI can’t get enough of it. One little microwave bag can hold me for a while, when I’m desperate, but this girl needs the mega bucket at the movies. If at home, I sweet talk hubby into making the “good stuff” using a beat-up old pan, on the stove, popping a huge batch of white popcorn in butter flavored Crisco. Salted well, of course. He has perfected this skill. No doubt because of constant practice.


My favorite son-in-law uses a large old-fashioned popcorn machine to make a large bin of movie-style popcorn right there in the family room. He, my daughter, and granddaughter also love popcorn. So why do they make fun of me? It’s healthier for me than potato chips or sweets. So what if I want it every night for dessert? And every day packed in my briefcase to take to work and eat with my lunch?

Popcorn Go ahead and jest. Just pass the popcorn!


So... How do you feel about that?

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