Why Can’t You Take It With You?

material things

I am talking about material things.  Specifically my dearly departed mother’s things that she left.

My sister and I spent half the day trying on clothes that were too small for us. Mom was a very petite woman, but there were a few things we hoped would fit us since we had lost some weight last year. We were wrong. The awful truth was I had put some of the weight back on. This was painfully obvious seeing my undressed self in the floor to ceiling mirrors that cover mom’s closet doors. Gag.

I just lost my mother. A huge storm battered the outside of the house. Sis and I are overwhelmed with legal crap to take care of, as well as moms things. Many, many things.  I was already depressed, and now I am confronted with flab.  We didn’t bother to try her size 5 shoes on. The woman’s shelter residents will be very well dressed. The size 6 petite women, that is.  However, everyone there can have a new purse.

You think you know pretty much everything about your mother’s life. Then you find things that make you blush. Mom was even more interesting than we already knew. I can’t wait to snoop in the other half of her closet tomorrow!

secret things


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