If I Were President

American Flag






I believe American’s would be more content if I made certain changes:

  • Pass a law that incumbent President’s are forbidden to campaign. They already have the job and the best way to keep it is for them to concentrate on the job instead of running about the country smoozing voters.
  • Less power to political parties, insurance companies, and huge corporations. ‘We the People’ should have a bigger say than they do.
  • Stop taking common sense and putting it into law. We waste so many resources trying to force people to wear helmets, buckle seat belts and stay off the phone. And that’s only DMV laws.
  • Could someone tell me why our federal and state government gets involved with issues like same-sex marriage?  Will these kind of issues ever be solved? I think not.
  • Make the IRS less ridiculous. Fire the idiot that writes the booklets and hire someone who speaks (and writes) proper English. [If the idiot were computer software, he would fry the system with the infinite loops he writes. His twin brother probably writes the DMV’s written tests.]

There are many more things I would change, but I must get some sleep now.

Nighty Night  😉


So... How do you feel about that?

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