When Will It Be My Week?

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I just found out that last week was “Daughter’s Week”.  I’m a daughter. I have a daughter. My daughter has two daughters.  What now?  Am I supposed to send my daughter a card or something? If so, I totally blew that.

Why do daughters get a week anyway?  Mothers only get one day.

Very unfair, if you ask me,  but I am not consulted about these things.  Who decides who gets a day (week or month) in their honor? Congress? The Senate? Or the President?   I  began researching this process of getting a day/week/month of the calendar. After hours of riding the Internet in a roller coaster (i.e. .gov websites), I still have no clue.

It’s a good thing I’m incredibly stubborn. I’m determined to see “Menopause Awareness”  happen. The day/week/month would be dedicated to exposing the rumors, and educating people (not just women) on the realities of this horrifying condition.

It suddenly occurred to me that there may already be a Menopause Awareness day/week/month in existence. I didn’t search for that.

I found this article on my first search (thanks Google!):

Women's Health Org logo

National Menopause Awareness Month

The ORWH joins the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) in recognizing September as National Menopause Awareness Month. This month-long event was established by U.S. federal legislators who recognized the need to increase awareness about the importance of having accurate information to enhance women’s health at menopause and beyond. In support of the same goal, October 18 has been designated World Menopause Day by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Menopause represents the end of a woman’s fertility and, on average, occurs at age 51. Although menopause is a natural event, there are potential short-term health effects (eg, hot flashes) and health consequences over the long term (eg, osteoporosis).

For more information on menopause, visit the NAMS Web site at www.menopause.org.


WOW! A whole month, and an International Day!!  Not too mention our own society!   I am so excited!!

I could drop my quest – “how to get a day/week/month for your cause”. But, as you know, I’m stubborn. And maybe, I will want to pursue a different day/week/month down the road, or maybe you do. We will need this information, right?  It’s never a waste of time to be prepared…

I’ll keep you posted 😉


4 thoughts on “When Will It Be My Week?

  1. I notice you didn’t mention the other health risks to menopause ……
    such as those inflicted on others (mainly husbands). maybe that would help the quest in marketing “menopause awareness month” 😉


  2. Oh, the misery that is menopause. It’s the absolute worst, isn’t it? I began to notice the signs of mine shortly after I turned 40. FORTY! I’m now pushing 49 and the miserable beast has still got it’s grip on me and won’t let me go. I got ‘fixed’ when I was 31 after my third child, am sooo past having kids, and figure…alright already…finish it up! I don’t know what’s worse, the inconsistency so you can no longer plan anything around Aunt ‘Flow’ showing up, mood swings, body aches, or the fact I’m married to a younger man and frankly could give a hoot half the time about doing the ‘deed’ anymore. Got any tips I haven’t tried to remedy any of the above, I’m open to suggestions my new friend. 🙂


    1. My cousin swears by soy-milk. She drinks one cup per day and has never had a hot-flash since. I don’t get hot-flashes. I get night-sweats and Aunt Flow visits every 28 days whether she’s invited or not. I started peri-menopause back in 1994. 16 years ago, when I was 37. And my Gyno tells me the worst is yet to come. Oh Goody.


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