The Big Move: Day 1

Friday, July 20th – our first day of retirement.

We celebrated by working our butts off. The moving company sent 2 guys over to help us pack up. In three hours, all our belongings going to the new house were boxed up and ready to load on the truck the next day.

Boxed Up

Only the beginning

When I say all of our belongings, I mean everything not nailed down. Our cupboards were empty. The drawers were empty. The dusty shelves in the garage were empty. I knew this, and yet I kept looking for things that used to be located there. Like baggies, scissors, postage stamps. It was maddening. I opened a drawer to get whatever was supposed to be in there, and of course it wasn’t. It made me think of a Polish joke my father used to tell – something about driving one crazy…

Have A Box Or Two

Grateful for large computer boxes from work

We made plans to go out to dinner that night, knowing that we I would be too tired to cook. Even if there was any food to be found. My very best childhood friend joined us and we reminisced about our youth and bitched about aging. We vowed to keep in touch, and get together for a few games in the coming football season. Only 10 more days until pre-season started  😉  GO Niners!

Thankfully, our bed had not been dismantled (yet), and we were able to get 5 or so hours of sleep before it was Saturday…


2 responses to “The Big Move: Day 1

  1. I remember those moving days! I would put a post it note on one cupboard of stuff not to be packed, like scissors, a knife, dog food & stuff I would need on the other end! It took 3 packers a full day for all of our junk, sometimes trash would get packed! Glad those days are over, can’ t wait to see your new home! Love you both!


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