Silly Post Monday: Frogs

This is the kind of frog I like:

Big Frog On Couch


  • Hubert the Frog  is not slimy.
  • He is quiet and doesn’t croak all night.
  • He seems happy.
  • He doesn’t jump, so the Calaveras County Frog Jumping Contest in May is out, but I can get over that.
  • He does not need to eat, so I don’t have to keep bugs in the house.
  • No eat – no froggy-doo
  • He does not exhibit destructive behavior when we leave him alone.

We know something goes on when we leave, but  we can’t prove it.

However, lately we suspect that Hubert Frog is really Hillary Frog, or having a party. Even worse, Hubert invited over a couple of buddies to watch Monday Night Football.

More Frogs






Frog Pattern provided by Lion’s Brand Yarn.


One response to “Silly Post Monday: Frogs

  1. Very cute frogs, don’t know how I missed them!


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