March Madness?

February is over.

Sooo…  I have put together the official March observances to keep us (myself and you, dear readers), in-the-know. March is another observance-full month – even with the religious holidays omitted. It’s not that I’m being politically correct here. I figure the religious among us already know when they are, and the non-religious don’t want to be reminded they may be going to Hell.


March 2013 Observances

Mar 8:  International Women’s Day

Mar 10:  Daylight Savings Time Begins

Mar 14:  World Kidney Day

Mar 17:  St. Paddy’s Day

March 18–22:  National Youth Violence Prevention Week

National Association of SAVE:

March 20:  National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Awareness & Education: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project:

or National Native American AIDS Prevention Center:

March 22:  World Water Day

RC International Water and Sanitation Centre:

March 26 (fourth Tuesday in March):  American Diabetes Alert Day

American Diabetes Association:

March 27:  Kick Butts Day

Campaign for Tobacco–Free Kids:

March 30:  National Doctor’s Day

American Red Cross Month

American Red Cross, National Headquarters:

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Association of America:

Hemophilia Month

National Hemophilia Foundation:

National Colorectal Awareness Month

Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation:

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

The Arc of the United States:

National Eye Donor Month

EBAA, Eye Bank Association of America:

National Kidney Month

National Kidney Foundation:

National Nutrition Month

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

National Poison Prevention Month

Poison Prevention Council:

American Association of Poison Control Centers:

 National Professional Social Work Month

National Association of Social Workers:


2 thoughts on “March Madness?

  1. What are we supposed to do on World Kidney Day? Are we supposed to donate them? Or eat them, like the Brits do in pie? I’m not really into organ meats, so is it ok if I just eat kidney *beans* that day? I also have the same question about National Eye Day . .

    You know, I work, and have a family (that I mostly ignore), so I’m probably too busy to celebrate all of these days. So I think I’m just going to pick the fun ones, like National Colorectal Month. I don’t know if I can commit to celebrating it the whole month, but I’ll be sure to add extra fiber to occasional meals in honor of it.


    1. Eat them? Yuck!
      I plan to drink extra water on Kidney day and flush them out, making them happy. I have my donor card filled out, next to my driver’s license in my wallet, so that takes care of Eye Donor month – not that anyone would want any body parts from my disease ridden self.
      Have a fabulous month!


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