Beyond Bored

BabyYawning  The Daily Prompt is ‘YAWN’. What bores you?

GOLF. Watching a golf match on TV has to be the most boring thing, ever. Apologies to those who love to play/watch golf, but it had to be said. If forced to watch (I know, right? But it happens!) it is only tolerable if I am sewing, knitting or crocheting while doing so.

When I think about it, I am rarely bored. My handwork makes a lot of things tolerable for me. Like airports. Road trips. Waiting rooms. American Rifleman – hubby watches this show because he likes old guns, but he agrees that the host speaks very, let’s say non-enthusiastically.


Hey!  Where is the ball? Where is the golfer?

Maybe golf in the deep south is a bit more exciting…

I am an intense and hyperactive person. I cannot sit still and do nothing. Doing handwork will actually help me slowdown and relax – something everyone from family members to doctors,  keep telling me to do.

I have friends who love golf. Go figure. They tell me it relaxes them and I should try it.

I just nod, smile, and continue knitting.
photo credit: wiccked via photopin cc

photo credit: lincolnblues via photopin cc


One response to “Beyond Bored

  1. As a golf widow, I completely agree! Watching golf is about as exciting as watching paint dry! Maybe if they played more around alligators it could be interesting! Sort of like a muddy football game, which are rare these days with all the artificial turf!


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