Note to Self: Remember This!

SmallStonesThe person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

            — Chinese proverb

I should have this proverb tattooed on the top of my right hand.  So I would see it every day and remember this simple, but very important concept.

It is in my nature to have a great idea and go full steam ahead with it – expecting to create or change whatever it is, in an impossible time frame.  Then… I get overwhelmed. When I am overwhelmed, I become stuck, the task is too large and I don’t know where or how to begin. So I don’t do anything at all and feel like a failure.

I am an intelligent, mature person.  Why do I insist on making things harder on myself?  If three therapists over the years can’t help me answer that question…

I have several ‘mountains’ I want to move these days. Each one requires patience, perseverance and a lot of time.  They should not be done in haste, or, as my folks called it, half-assed, because they are important to me. No boss or taskmaster is looking over my shoulder, or anxiously waiting for these mountains to get moved.  The only ones who give a flying hoot about these things are Me, Myself, and I.

You would think I could give myself a break! Sometimes I do. Then taking a break from one, leaves room for working on another one. Therefore, I am floating in the breeze, not getting anything finished.

You may have noticed this, my dear reader, but my blog posts are few these days. And yes, I know they are boring – a fact I plan on correcting.

Oh wait! That’s another mountain, isn’t it?


Gotta Go…








One thought on “Note to Self: Remember This!

  1. You probably plow full speed ahead because you don’t see any progress by moving little rocks. Patience isn’t in everyone’s nature. You want to see progress NOW dammit! I only say this because I’m the same way. But, by moving the small rocks first, you get to the bigger ones and eventually (don’t we hate that word?) the mountain is moved.

    My take on it anyway. 🙂


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