I Guess It’s Just Me…

I must be the only person who takes silly (and really bad) pictures. I know how busy I have been, so I forgive you for not sending me silly photos this week 😉

But… let’s just leave it at, when you take a silly photo, think about sending it to me. OK?

Thursday, for me, was all about catching up on my grooming, with a long time waiting hair stylist appointment. I put off making the appointment, as I usually do, until my hair is impossible to care for and looks hideous. Why?  I cannot figure it out. Maybe I’m subconsciously punishing my vain little self.

It only took me an hour to take a couple selfies that did my new do justice. My face is not photogenic, so look at the hairstyle. Sissy transforms my hair into cute, perky and fun. I walk into her Bella Spa with mousey doggie doo-doo color hair with all kinds of gray growing out. And this is what she does to me!

♥  I just LOVE her!  (and her little dog too)  ♥

IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407

Have a fabulous (the rest of your) Thursday!


5 responses to “I Guess It’s Just Me…

  1. You look a lot like Carrie Fisher in the first photo. You taunt me with these. I miss you.


  2. I like it! I like to take photos of my feet, up my nose…someone keeps deleting them though. 😮 Here’s a silly one of me, anyway, when I got a quite a shock on a seriously bad hair day.


  3. ah, I have reasons for not putting my face all over the ‘net. But! You can see the back side of me on my latest post. ^_^

    Nice ‘do, by the way.


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