Thursday Tid-Bits & Giggles: Ziva’s Movie Debut

The producer of a (really, REALLY) low budget, Indie Film, decided to use Ziva in the trailer of their latest horror movie.  They were not disappointed…


4 responses to “Thursday Tid-Bits & Giggles: Ziva’s Movie Debut

  1. What type of truck are you going to buy? To haul the ginormis bags of dog food you’ll need for her. In my youth I had a black shepherd. He left loads of dog hair wherever he went until…I sold the VW bug and bought a small pick up truck. He loved riding in the back and the wind groomed the excess hair quite effectively. All went well until a cap was purchased for the truck bed and voila’, generous piles black hair returned. He was worth it though.


  2. We like this movie. Not very scary though.


  3. She’s going to be HUGE! but adorable.


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