Can You See Me Now?

When I saw this diagram, it reminded me of the iceberg that destroyed the Titanic.  Then I read it.

Wow. That’s me. And like the Titanic, it was the below the surface crap that crippled and nearly sunk me. However – this post is not about me. “What?!” you say.  Yeah yeah.

I was compelled to share this with you, my dear readers, to hopefully educate you about people with chronic (invisible) illnesses. Maybe, you deal with one, but certainly someone you know has a chronic illness, whether you are aware of it or not.

I know about it now. Way too much, to be honest.

If you have read any of my posts under “Being Diabetic” or my “Insulin Pump Saga”, I talk not only about my disease, but how I try to cope with everyday life.  Just telling y’all is cathartic, so I benefit, but I also have my BFF, God, my diary and a dog I can talk to, so these posts are more for those newly diagnosed with a chronic illness, or the people who care about them.

It’s a walk in my shoes to look at how things go, from a person living with one (chronic illness). Live information, instead of all the books, pamphlets and videos thrown at you to absorb. Don’t even think about getting rid of those, BTW!  Mine are filed away in the black-hole under my office files, but they are there when I need to refer to them. Yes, even after being diagnosed 10 years ago, I still need them occasionally.  You can’t know everything!  Not at the same time.

Some days I may seem a little “off”, or not myself.  OK, so most days I seem like that – Ha!  I don’t usually mention it because words of explanation are tough to come by without sounding like a complainer. [Y’all know I’m a complainer, but it’s usually about politics, law, football or stupid people – not all about me.]

Well, it’s time to check my sugars and have a snack (or not) and put my ass in bed – that’s a big job these days…


If you have Diabetes (Type I or II) and would like to comment, ask questions, or relay information – PLEASE do so!!




3 thoughts on “Can You See Me Now?

  1. It’s refreshing actually to see someone SAY all the things that are negative about diabetes instead of all the ‘rah rah YOU CAN DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO” crapola. And insulin pump? If they would approve me, and they just might, we’ve been battling the too much insulin/too little insulin now for three years, insulin pump might be the way to go.

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    1. I wish you the best of luck – a pump can give you more accurate dosage, but I will still have lows or highs for seemingly no reason. It is frustrating to say the least! Now my Endo is suggesting I get a CGM because I don’t feel low unless I’m REALLY down there in the danger zone. Sigh. I am holding out for a single device that can do both. I love my wireless OmniPod Pump – I hope you can get one.


  2. Hey, sometimes it’s okay to bitch about you. After all, you’re the one in pain all of the time. Let it out! I know I do. So long as it’s not day in and day out, it’s okay to complain every now and again. Esp. on a particularly bad day. Go for it.


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