Unreal Produce

Today at the grocery store, I happened to see this sign in the produce section. I googled this hideous thing, and it is really a legitimate fruit.

The text below was taken from an article about them.

“Maybe “butt-ugly” is a little harsh, but you have to admit this citrus is just that.

“A bad Sumo is equal to what a good navel orange tastes like,” says Seth Wollenman, the brand manager for this new fruit.

In other words, the Sumo’s worst day is the navel orange’s best day.

Maybe I will buy one or two next time I can pass the sign without giggling.

♥  TTFN  ♥


2 thoughts on “Unreal Produce

  1. In the deep South, tangerines are called Satsumas! They are readily sold at roadside stands alongside boiled green peanuts! We now have Dragon Fruit in our local stores. These look like Tangelos let me know what they taste like!


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