Crazy Women

I am like a box of chocolates. You never know who you’re gonna get.

Why this blog? I love and need to write. I used to put writing on the back-shelf and wistfully wish I had time to write. Now my kids are grown up and have their own adult lives to live. Hubby is happily indulging his own muse in his large “shop” to work in, and I make the time to write something every day. Some days I’m still so excited about retirement that I can’t settle down enough to get going. I may not  post every day, because what I write isn’t always good enough to pass my inner critic. Or – it’s just plain crap.

My writing style? I guess you could call it “casual conversation”. I write how I talk. This made my English teachers cringe. Spell check only helps some of the grammatical abuse my writing is capable of. I am working on this and things have improved. See my older posts in the “Archives” if you don’t believe it.

So… if you’re looking for literary genius, look elsewhere. Unless… Stephen King agrees to write a guest post. OMG!  How thrilling would that be? (Pun intended).

If you’re looking for inside information on insanity, diabetes, culture shock, silliness, laughter, or an occasional rant – you are in the right place. So share & follow me, because I’m trying to get around, OK?   😉

Oh yeah, in case you want some personal details:

  • Native born Californian and city girl.
  • Moved to a little mountain town called Arnold in 2012.  I don’t expect you to know where that is, and frankly I’m not too sure myself. We love it here 🙂
  • I write fiction and non-fiction (for adults and children).  And this blog, you are currently reading. (Thank you, BTW!)
  • I’m married to the love of my life. He has a name, but I usually refer to him as “hubby” when he shows up in a post. We celebrate our 30th anniversary in September.
  • Hubby doesn’t read my blog. He has no clue what I’m putting out here about him for the world to read. Maybe he believes ignorance is bliss. He is  so  wrong…
  • I have three beautiful granddaughters now, and a handsome grandson. They show up in posts occasionally, because they are wild and crazy like their grandma. It could be the other way around now that I think about it…
  • My favorite author has always been Stephen King ♥ it was love at first paragraph ♥. I read and adore a variety of authors, but I LOVE Stephen. Period.
  • I am a stubborn and fiercely loyal San Francisco 49er Fan. Each season that goes by I am more disgusted by the owners/managers, who have taken what Jim Harbaugh (rescued) built up and stupidly ruined it. Another season will begin in August with a new head coach – the 5th since they axed Harbaugh – and this year a new general manager. Forgive me if I am no longer optimistic.
  • I am a dog lover, who was dog-less for many years. We adopted a female Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who turns four years old in September. You can watch her grow up in the “Puppy Watch” section of this site.
  • If you are unfamiliar with her breed Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) check out this page.
  • I don’t do cats. Period.



20 thoughts on “About

  1. I dig crazy, insanity, humor, laughs and randomness so I’m in! Also I know exactly where Arnold is and I love it! I grew up with an annual snow vacation there every year and now I take my kids there for an annual snow vacation. Giant Burger anyone?! (that place is cheeseburger heaven if you ask me)


    1. Arnold has a Giant Burger!? We moved here two years ago and I have never seen or heard about it. A lot of Arnold businesses have had to bail during the dumping economy. Sad.

      So happy you have joined our ‘sanity challenged’ group! Welcome 🙂


      1. Good lord I hope it’s still there! I was just up there last Christmas and as our annual year requires we chomped down at Giant Burger it’s out in town on the highway road coming in to Arnold is by all the real estate and grocery store is……Wait you are talking about Arnold, CA right haha


  2. hi Jodi, thanks for your comment on my blog, thought i would stop by to reciprocate and let you know that i am really enjoying your blog. i am quite addicted to wordpress now.. it’s like a window into other peoples worlds and i’m hooked on meeting and learning about new people


    1. Thanks for telling me! It’s so nice to “hear” it – makes writing a lot more fun knowing that people are enjoying it 😉

      I like your analogy with the windows into other peoples worlds.

      Write On!!


  3. Hi there! I just wanted to drop by to thank you for liking my flash fiction story ‘Free’ over at Elizabeth’s blog competition. I really appreciate you reading it. Reading about you here I see that you will not want to visit my blog when I write about my cats (now and then!) but a couple of things we share is that my three kids are all grown now too (although my daughter, 21, still lives at home, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s when she was 18) but we lived on the central coast of California for the best part of 20 years, moving back to the UK in 2003. My two youngest kids were born there. Anyway, just thought I would drop by and say hi, and many thanks again 🙂


    1. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s really happening (retirement), I have a lot of changes to adjust to. I still have not found my rhythm for writing every day on my novel, but that’s OK. My blog is fun and keeps me out of trouble.
      I’m so glad you are enjoying it too 😉

      Oh – P.S. They are making a movie from Under the Dome – can’t wait!


    1. Wow! Thank you for the nomination 😉 The planets must be aligned “just so” – I am working on my blog accepting a nomination for the Liebster award and your blog is in my nominee list, so consider this a heads-up!


  4. Hi, I am not sure how you feel about blog awards but recently my blog,
    Gasm Travels has been nominated for the
    Liebster Award.
    Part of the rule is to nominate 11 up and coming blogs. One of the blogs i am nominating is
    your blog. If you are interested to participate in this bloggers award (and if you have not received the same nomination before),
    please visit my post on the, Liebster Award .
    Once you accept the nomination, please send me the link to your Liebster Award post. I do want to know more
    about my fellow bloggers whose blog i find very interesting and inspirational to other bloggers. Thank you for following my blog and happy blogging to you 🙂


    1. Wow! I’m so excited to receive my very first (and hopefully not last) blogger’s award! In fact, I’m too excited to think clearly and so far it’s taken me 2 days to answer you’re 11 questions. Anyway, I am working on my requirements and they will be posted one of these days 🙂
      Thank you so much for the nomination!!


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